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BURNS NIGHT Monday 25th January 2021 at 7.30pm
   See the plays 
 Full Moon at The Bridge Street Cafe   By LEAFY SCOTT adapted by SUZIE WILDE                                     


Even those who knew Leafy best might have been surprised that she could inject so much fun and love of life into what she knew was her last work. These qualities shone through vividly in the well-rehearsed reading that we enjoyed last week.  


WIth her daughter Lydia among the cast of thirteen and Naomi and Harry also watching, the intense desire to get it right was palpable. But we need not have worried. Everyone including the actors who joined us since Leafy's passing in 2018 conveyed the warmth that the script required, and even the technology was on its best behaviour.  


This must have been a relief to director Tiffin Jones and to author Suzie Wilde who skilfully adapted it. Originally called Swear not by the Moon for its first reading in 2017, it later became The Inconstant Moon.  


The newly revised title emphasises the setting for the mischief and macaroons of the second act. We avoid giving any more information about the storyline, as we still hope to stage Full Moon at the Bridge Street Café as a fund-raiser one day.  


Leafy, your legacy is not over yet.  

Isobel Arnett's Zoom talk and Masterclass 

What the FPs Did Next





Isobel Arnett is an experienced professional actor who trained at the Rose Bruford College, and acts and teaches locally. No one who attended her first drama workshop for us in the village hall could doubt that a follow-up would be welcome. But even a dedicated amateur might have been daunted by the thought of a Saturday morning workshop on Stanislavskian techniques delivered online. 


Our confidence was fully justified by the success of this event. After a brief introduction and career summary, Isobel outlined the historical background and took us through the steps of The System, carefully explaining its relevance for the amateur in suitable contexts.  

Instead of dry academic theory, we were treated to engaging accounts of everyday on-stage situations and how the actor might approach them. I found that the practical exercises had an unexpected meditative and calming quality, and I was sorry when it all ended. 


The workshop was rounded off with a question-and-answer session, and we were left even more eager to know when we can get back on stage and make it work for us. Perhaps that is the ultimate ‘Magic If’.  

For those of us wanting to know more, some books were recommended. What more could we want? 


Thank you, Isobel. Come back soon.  

In recent months we’ve been exploring drama based ideas that are possible for us to engage in the current circumstances. With a nod to Consequences and the Surrealist's Exquisite Corpse, we decided on RELAY PLAY WRITING which might result in material we could use. It would also give a focus for some creative thought and occupation during the coming winter.


Jan Copsey is steering the project. There are ten writers and the opening scene/scenario for three plays; a time warp drama, a thriller and a modern mystery.  During the period of the project and at the end of the relay,  each writer will have contributed  to all three plays. We will end up with 9 plays – that is three versions of each play.


The project is ongoing and likely to finish early in 2021. It doesn’t matter if the end result is a sketch, a one act play or a full length play.  We'll have had engagement, fun and learned a lot! 


Jan is looking forward to reading the results, as are all of those involved.


As a result of the postponement of Our Country's Good set in Australia, and consequent lack of Eucalyptus trees to paint, our talented set painting supremo - Sybil Grindrod, has spent the lockdown painting scenes of Cornwall.

Future productions 

ACT WRITE DIRECT 2019/20  has encouraged members to write new material for the Café Theatre  Zoom evenings. See the HOME page for  a purpose written new play, The Buddy, by Margaret Edwards. The Untitled Stills from September can show what fun can be had in an FP Zoom session.
Some of the audio versions of these sketches can be heard in the POCKET THEATRE selection.

Performances yet to be scheduled

  Our Venues

We have two venues:
AGMs, rehearsals, auditions, and performances take place at the West Ashling Village Hall, PO18 8DN.

Under normal circumstances Club nights and play readings are at the smaller Church Rooms in Church Lane, Funtington 

What our audiences said about our last production -  Rumours

"It was just what the doctor ordered in today’s gloomy environment !! Excellent!"

" ...magnificent performance from all concerned. I have been to many of your productions and all have been excellent but last night’s was exceptional!  Thank you!"

 Photography by Rosey Purchase


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