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Our policy has been to encourage as many of the membership as possible in our online activities.  This has generally involved writing and performing our own sketches, with one or two exceptions such as Not a Friend of the Family by Nicolas Ridley.  
The resultant output is fed into our special events such as Cafe evenings, Burns Night, and the Christmas Celebration and the sketches captured with Zoom video and edited. See FP Pocket Theatre
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Club Nights 

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at 7.30pm 
Two rehearsed play readings, Casting About, and The Mistress Bedroom by Nicolas Ridley, followed by a game of Bluff from our devious Quizmaster.  Everyone welcome.

AGM  Tuesday 13th July at 7.45pm 

 West Ashling Village Hall


Autumn Production

A Bunch Of Amateurs was first performed at the Watermill Theatre on 22nd May 2014
A washed up Hollywood Star is flown to England to play the title role
in King Lear at Stratford believing he will be appearing onstage at the legendary RSC in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Instead he finds he has signed on with the Stratford Players in the Suffolk village of Stratford-St-John.
Watch the website for the Audition date in the summer.
THE RELAY PLAY WRITING was an intriguing exercise, which provided   3 play reading evenings in March which were enjoyed by  members. We hope this may be run again if circumstances allow it.


 Full Moon at The Bridge Street Cafe   By LEAFY SCOTT adapted by SUZIE WILDE                                     

Even those who knew Leafy best might have been surprised that she could inject so much fun and love of life into what she knew was her last work. These qualities shone through vividly in the well-rehearsed reading that we enjoyed last week.  


WIth her daughter Lydia among the cast of thirteen and Naomi and Harry also watching, the intense desire to get it right was palpable. But we need not have worried. Everyone including the actors who joined us since Leafy's passing in 2018 conveyed the warmth that the script required, and even the technology was on its best behaviour.  


This must have been a relief to director Tiffin Jones and to author Suzie Wilde who skilfully adapted it. Originally called Swear not by the Moon for its first reading in 2017, it later became The Inconstant Moon.  


The newly revised title emphasises the setting for the mischief and macaroons of the second act. We avoid giving any more information about the storyline, as we still hope to stage Full Moon at the Bridge Street Café as a fund-raiser one day.  


Leafy, your legacy is not over yet.  

  Our Venues

We have two venues:
AGMs, rehearsals, auditions, and performances take place at the West Ashling Village Hall, PO18 8DN.

Under normal circumstances Club nights and play readings are at the smaller Church Rooms in Church Lane, Funtington 

What our audiences said about our last production -  Rumours

"It was just what the doctor ordered in today’s gloomy environment !! Excellent!"

" ...magnificent performance from all concerned. I have been to many of your productions and all have been excellent but last night’s was exceptional!  Thank you!"

 Photography by Rosey Purchase


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