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Helen writes:

I am delighted to be directing ‘Sisterly Feelings’ in this very special 75th year for the Funtington Players.

This is a play that has two different versions that could be played, dependent on the actresses choices. However, we have rigged one of the versions for our production and we have chosen the route to provide more ensemble playing.

It will be great fun to perform, I played Abigail many years ago and I have fond memories of cycling, kite flying, sandwich switching and running races! What more could you want on Pendon common.

This play is family fun, unpure and simple.

An ensemble comedy with many well-crafted contrasting characters.

Following the funeral of his wife, Ralph brings his family to a favourite spot on Pendon Common. With him are his two daughters, Abigail and Dorcas - businessman husband Patrick and radical poet boyfriend Stafford respectively; his student son, Melvyn - with his fiancée Brenda and her brother Simon, and his brother-in-law, Detective Inspector Len, with his wife Rita. Both Abigail and Dorcas are attracted to the very good looking, athletic Simon. When Patrick has to leave prematurely to attend a business meeting, the rest are left with insufficient cars to get them all home, Abigail and Dorcas toss a coin and Abigail walks home with Simon. The ramifications of this simple, single act are felt throughout the rest of the play. Ayckbourn masterfully weaves a plot full of complications as he follows the ups and downs in the fortunes and changing relationships of all his rich characters.


Ralph - Tony Clarke

Abigail - Angela Barber

Dorcas - Phillippa Riddoch

Melvyn - Jason Burt

Len - Alan Copsey

Rita - Sue Wilkins

Patrick - Paul Bennett

Brenda - Helga Crowley

Simon - Oliver Sebastian

Stafford - Chris Smith

Murphy - A Runner and a police officer, non speaking part, only in one scene- still to be cast.

Major Lidgett - Non speaking part - Still to be cast.

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Heather Birchenough: Helga Crowley: Alan Copsey: Jenny Dean: Sybil Grindrod: Scilla Jutton-Holland:  John McKeand: Andy Marshall: Paul Pridmore: Chris Smith: Patricia Thomsett: Yvette Walters: Sue Wilkins: Trish Dack
Clare Burt: Barbara MacWhirter
Voiceovers by the Ensemble plus
Abby Grindey: Mark Weeks : Statham Holmes

DIRECTORS: Barbara MacWhirter: Margaret Edwards: Pat Grindey: Hilary Strong:  Jenny Dean
                               JOHN STONE


26th &27th July October 

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